Atlanta Reigns as the Top City to Live

September 30, 2022

Atlanta reigns as the top city to live in Money’s Best Places to Live list. Despite not being a massive city in terms of population, Atlanta surpasses others in terms of cultural and economic significance. The city is home to renowned universities like Georgia Tech and boasts a culinary scene that celebrates both steakhouses and greasy spoon diners. From puppetry to trap music, Atlanta showcases a wide range of entertainment options, including professional baseball and drag shows.

Atlanta is a place where individuals from all walks of life can feel a sense of belonging. Importantly, it is also a city with ample job opportunities. The labor market in Atlanta is exceptionally strong, with a lower unemployment rate compared to the national average. Additionally, the city has experienced consistent job growth, outpacing the rest of the U.S. for more than a year.

The tech industry, driven by numerous startups, has been instrumental in Atlanta’s economic growth. The city hosts a thriving startup ecosystem, supported by tech incubators and venture capital firms. Notable companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Alphabet have established a presence in Atlanta, along with innovative startups such as We Are Rosie and Calendly.

While Atlanta, like any other city, has its imperfections, such as rising prices affecting vulnerable communities, it remains committed to addressing these challenges. The city anticipates an influx of new residents in the coming years, which may exacerbate certain issues. However, Atlanta distinguishes itself by actively working to find solutions. Overall, Atlanta’s resilience, inclusive environment, job opportunities, and efforts to address societal concerns make it an exceptional city to live and work in.


Image courtsey of Explore Georgia.