Zack Del Medico

Associate Director

With a family legacy steeped in real estate, Zack Del Medico embarked on his journey to Dallas in 2022, driven by a deep-seated passion for navigating the complexities of the Texas multi-family market, with a specific focus on secondary markets. Prior to his role at GREA, Zack played a pivotal role as an associate at Waller Group Capital, where his expertise flourished in identifying and capitalizing on value-add opportunities within class B&C assets. His extensive knowledge of the multi-family housing market is complemented by an innate competitive drive and unwavering work ethic, consistently enabling him to not only meet but exceed the needs and expectations of his clients. Beyond real estate, Zack’s specialization in both personal finance and real estate equips him with a unique and multifaceted perspective, offering clients the essential support, knowledge, and dedication necessary to acquire and safeguard their assets. When he isn’t working, you can find Zack competing on the pickleball and basketball courts or spending quality time with his family.