Amy Kalfas

Director, Marketing & Transaction Management

Amy joined the team as a Transaction Manager in August 2013.  Prior to joining GREA, Amy worked for a high-grossing national retail brokerage team. Amy comes to GREA with over 30 years of experience in administrative/executive positions and a background that includes finance and budgeting, computing, and real estate development, acquisition, and marketing.

At GREA, Amy plays a significant role in the operations and marketing procedures for our team in order to streamline deal flow and the transaction process. With organization and attention to detail, Amy oversees all aspects of transactions from initial contact to post-closing processes. Amy is responsible for drafting transaction agreement documents, property research, and the production of customized property information packages as well as digital and print marketing materials. In addition, Amy tracks critical dates and materials throughout the due diligence period and closing process by coordinating efforts with attorneys, title companies, and other parties. She provides concierge level services to our team and their clients. Additionally, she tracks and monitors the day-to-day transaction work and tasks of team members she supervises.